ECats Ltd has two Directors, Mark Newton, Anna Gudge.

The company also works closely with other experts in order to provide a complete package of web development. This team includes Untitled Media, Peter Scott-Smith, Jon Honeyball, Dave Moss, Steve Pratt, Harvey Fox, Mike Amos, and Karen Baker. ECats also has many close contacts within design houses and software houses.

Mark Newton, Managing Director (

Mark has been involved in IT for some 25 years. He started his career as an electronic engineer, but found that he had a particular interest in computing, building his first PC in 1974.

The interest in computing developed and he moved to Switzerland to work for Cern at around the same time as Tim Berners Lee was putting the first ideas together that would later become the World Wide Web. On returning to the UK Mark started his own computer company selling hardware and writing application software for individual clients.

Mark became involved with Internet Technology, in the late '70s, long before the current explosion of interest in the Web was generally envisaged. He has never lost the interest and enthusiasm for the technology involved.

During the early part of his career he developed considerable expertise in database work with particular emphasis on the use of databases in conjunction with Direct Marketing. He has continued to build on his early experience and is considered by many to be an expert in database structure and management.

The expertise in databases was put to good use during the course of a contract with Infernet, one of the first companies to interface databases to web. During this period, development of mapping technology, which interfaced to the database via spatial queries and thence to the web with Mark working on the initial project. The first site Infernet developed was Leisurehunt, a major database driven web site of hotels and guest houses in the World with on-line booking. This has grown and Infernet now has arrangements with Yahoo for providing geographically driven databases.

Mark was involved in the setting up and running of the web servers and software in the early days and left to form ECats.

In addition to developing applications for the Web, Mark is a Contributing Editor for PC Pro Magazine, writing a regular column on Web Applications in the Real World Computing section as well as the odd feature and review.

Mark recognises the importance of thorough research into new products, assessing their capability to achieve their stated aims. He keeps up to date with all the latest technology in the field and has a very important network of contacts from whom he can seek additional advice when necessary.

It is vitally important with such a fast moving industry as Web Development that an eye is kept on changing trends in the use of Internet by companies and individuals, as well as potential new areas of development, so that these can be utilised when they become available. Mark always tries to stay ahead and maintains an overview of the way the future may become as opposed to the way it looks at the present time.

When developing Web Sites for clients, Mark prefers to concentrate on the technology required to achieve the aim of the client rather than the design of the pages which he leaves to various design house that ECats works with including Untitled Media. He has particular skills in the realms of client/server applications and the adaptation of database information to the Web, as well as a very clear understanding of all the technology required for e-commerce.

It is probably inevitable that, of all the sites that ECats develops, the one that rarely gets updated is its own!


Anna Gudge ( )

Anna is well known in the world of International Bridge as an experienced and competent administrator as well as being very skilled in DTP and document production.

Anna is the laison Officer for the World Bridge Federation,

Anna has an enviable quality of persuasion both over the 'phone and face to face, as well as the ability to design attractive web sites with an enthusiasm for technology second to none! These skills make her a vital member of the team.

Untitled Media

Untitled Media is a small independant design company which we use for a lot of our design work as we find our clients are very happy with the quality of work they produce. ( )

Peter Scott-Smith

Peter has three decades of hands-on marketing experience at board level. Before he retired, he was Managing Director of Prolog Ltd., a major Direct Marketing Company. Following his retirement, he started a Direct Marketing Journal, Debrief, ( a monthly marketing newsletter for blue-chip subscribers including the Automobile Association, British Gas, Cellnet, Norwich Union, Rover Group, Tesco and Whitbread.

In the Direct Marketing Industry, Peter is widely recognised for his breadth of knowledge, and his contribution to ECats in this field cannot be over stated. He is in touch with all the Direct Marketing news and information and is in an excellent position to foresee trends and enable ECats to take full advantage of them.

Jon Honeyball

Jon is an internationally known expert on computer technology with a considerable insight into what is happening within the IT world. He is a good friend and a consultant to ECats. Visit Jon's site at

Dave Moss

Dave is primarily known as an IT writer and programmer. He is a contributing Editor to PCPro as well as contributing to many other PC Magazines. His web site is at

Steve Pratt

Steve works for British Telecom. He is a database and telecomms expert. His extesive knowledge of the industry and skills in project management often prove invaluable.

Harvey Fox

Harvey was IT manager for the English Bridge Union but now works as database administrator and software developer for a major UK jewellery company. He has helped a great deal with the ECats Sports Scoring System, and his continued support is always apprieciated.

Mike Amos

Mike is a Bridge Tournament Director, and has been working with ECats on the bridge side of the Sports Scoring Program. His knowledge of the vagaries of frequencies and the esoteric side of bridge is unparalleled.

Karen Baker

Karen is Financial Consultant to ECats. Her interest in the company has led her to develop her Internet skills and she is now a valuable member of the web production team.