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ECats Bridge WBF Photo Viewer

To celebrate 50 years of the WBF we at ECats thought it would be fun to write a small web application to display some 500 archive photos the ACBL kindly sent Anna.

This Web application was written using the very new technology from Microsoft called 'Silverlight' and uses a particular function of this called 'Deepzoom'.

It is supported in most browsers but not on the older Macs, only Intel based Macs are currently supported.

You will be asked to install Silverlight on your browser the first time you click on the link below if you don'y already have the Silverlight 2 player. This is a small 4M download.

We at ECats hope you like what we have done, if you want to know more please email Enjoy!

To navigate around the images use left mouse button and drag, to zoom in to see the photographs in more detail (some are Very High resulution - there are some 200M of images there!) and out use the centre mouse wheel. See if you can spot some of your old friends or have a giggle how young some of them looked then!


Click here to launch the WBF Photo Viewer